6 Things You Need To Know Before Shopping For Travel Gears

Whether you are going camping at a nearby location or heading off on a world tour, proper planning is required – and this includes all of your travel gear.

It is not wise to head off to a shopping centre without proper planning, or you will spend too much money and purchase items that you won’t need. This is your guide on preparing for your shopping and getting the most bang for your buck.

The Essentials Required For Camping

It can be easy to be over-awed when shopping for camping gear, especially if this is a new experience for you. There are so many products available, but there is only a certain amount of room in the 4X4 to carry it all. In addition, there are all kinds of cool new gadgets on the market desperate to capture your attention; you should try to ignore a lot of them unless you want to waste money.

You will need high-quality, waterproof camping tents that are appropriately sized for the number of people going camping. Other essential items include lighting, a shovel, a well-stocked first aid kit, your sleeping bags (or air mattresses or camping stretchers), a reliable cooler or fridge, cookware, a fold-up table and a washing-up tub. That is it (aside from your clothes). Anything else will be considered extra, so choose wisely.

The Gentle Art Of Packing Light

Travelling light begins in the planning process. Make a list of everything you need and stick to it so that you can save some valuable space in your backpack, luggage or vehicle. If you were to go through your average travel bag now, you would have many items that serve the same purpose, and you would be able to make greater efficiencies.

The most guilty culprit is your clothing. People tend to choose complete outfits and pack every single item to have a new outfit every day. Instead, it is much better to select items that can be mixed and matched to reduce the volume of clothes you are carrying.

Electronics are another offending item. When the family heads away, do you need four tablets, the laptop, charging devices for each, plus the whole array of accessories including headphones, keyboards and more? You can share these devices and save a lot of space by minimising cables and accessories as well.

The Benefit Of Shopping Online

Retail outlets are designed in ways to make your purchase more. But, unfortunately, promotional items are stacked before you at every turn, and it is tough to avoid impulse shopping. 

Get that list of essential travel items you need, head to the relevant websites and purchase only the things on that list. Then, put your blinkers on and avoid those impulse purchases.

Set A Budget – And Stick To It

Travel expenses can vary greatly depending on how you reach your destination, where you are heading to and how long you plan to be away, so it’s essential to make a budget early on.  

A lot of money will be required for the actual travel and accommodation (unless you are camping), plus you are going to need spending money (again, unless you are camping).

Don’t blow the budget at the first step of planning. Instead, allocate an amount you can spend on items you are taking with you and don’t spend a cent more.

Unnecessary Or Bulky Items That You Should Cross Off Your Shopping List

Likely, you will not need everything that is in your suitcase. Reduce your load by getting rid of unnecessary extras. 

  • Books and magazines: They are heavy, bulky and are non-essential in 2021. You can read almost anything on a tablet or a kindle, plus books and magazines are available at airports and any city in the world you visit if you absolutely must have a genuine reading experience.
  • Denim: This material takes up a lot of room in your luggage and is notoriously difficult to dry after cleaning. Packing your favourite pair of jeans is acceptable, but don’t go beyond that when it comes to denim.
  • Toiletries: Only take what is essential, like your toothbrush and favourite scents. Most items like shampoo, conditioner, soaps etc., will be available for free at your hotel. This especially includes your hairdryer. 
  • Sheets or towels: There is a near-endless supply available at your hotel. 

Plan To Bring Souvenirs Home With You

In almost every instance, you will collect items on your travels and return with more in your luggage than when you left. So avoid those exorbitant excess baggage fees and save some room in your luggage for those mementos and gifts you will pick up on your travels.