Bell Super 3R MIPS Mountain Bike Helmet

Bell Super 3R MIPS Bike Helmet Review — The Mountain Biking Expert

Bell Super 3R MIPS Bike Helmet is a good pick for your next mountain biking adventure. It’s a good helmet, not without flaws, but a fairly good pick. The convertible helmet is comfortable, whether you choose to wear it with the chin bar or without. 

They’ve also considered several aspects for safety, comfort, and consumer feedback. Bell Super 3R shows considerable improvements over its previous versions. Time to get up, close, and personal with this Bell Super 3R MIPS helmet review.

The Highlights — The Yay And Nay For The Helmet


  • Good ventilation
  • Comfortable fit (but the chin bar could do better)
  • Leaves a good field of vision
  • Has room for accessories like goggles or GoPro camera
  • MIPS for added safety


  • Not certified by ASTM for going downhill
  • Chin bar clip can be somewhat tough to operate

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Build Quality And Aesthetics Of Bell Super 3R MIPS Bike Helmet

For its construction, the helmet makes use of Bell’s Fusion in-mold polycarbonate shell and a standard MIPS insert. The removable chin guard is pretty solid, though it’s endowed with thick cheek pads. 

Generally, that would add to comfort, but these overly thick pads can be a problem for some. Thankfully, the inserts are easily removed and the helmet can get comfier. The padding is X-Static antimicrobial, so it isn’t really much of a problem.

The helmet takes to the premium range and its build quality stays up to expectations. Its looks aren’t anything to drool over, but it’s decent enough and that’s what anyone can ask for. 

Weight Is Just A Number (A Very Important One)

As convertible helmets go, Bell Super 3R MIPS Bike Helmet is lightweight. The overall weight of this helmet is 1.7 pounds (783 grams), including the chin bar. Remove the chin bar and it’s 0.95 pounds (433 grams) as an open face helmet. I wish it was lighter as an open face helmet, but that’s not too bad a number. With the lightweight chin bar, it becomes somewhat impressive.

Comfort And Ventilation – How It Stacks Up

Bell Super 3R MIPS Helmet

The Wind Blows And Brings Ventilation

A cursory glance at the helmet will be able to tell you that it has impressive ventilation. There are 23 vents here, 4 brow ports, and 6 for the chin bar. Once you’re riding on it, the wind’s going to blow, and you can feel the wind going through the helmet.

There isn’t some larger aerodynamic system in play, so what we have is fairly well-built. It’s a good quality system and there are little to no complaints about the ventilation. 

A Good And Comfy Fit For The Head

One problem with the 2R was that it often ended up putting pressure on the temples. Bell fixed that with the Super 3R MIPS helmet, and now we have a helmet that’s far superior in comfort.

The helmet uses Bell’s Float Fit retention system to get a good and snug fit, without being overbearing. Float Fit here doesn’t quite make use of the best Bell has to offer. I’d prefer a larger dial, like the one in the Bell Super DH helmet. 

Size guide for the Bell Super 3R MIPS Bike Helmet:

  • Small (52-56 cm)
  • Medium (55-59 cm)
  • Large (58-62 cm)

A dial is available to fine-tune the helmet size and customize the fit to your preference or the size of your head. It’s worth noting that the weight of the helmet differs with the sizes. The one mentioned above is for the medium-size helmet.

Since we are talking about the fit, I think it makes sense to recall the over-padded chin guard as well. If it works for you, great. Though it’s likely it won’t, but then there’s always the option of removing the pads.

Straps going around the ears are large and Y-shaped. They’re easily maneuverable and keep the helmet in the right spot. Plus, they are comfortable and don’t present any problems like chafing or rough fabric.

Quick-adjust fasteners keep the straps in position, while also keeping them flat. As for the insert and fabric, these are made of quick-drying materials. Silver fibers are woven in for their antimicrobial properties, so odor doesn’t become a problem with this helmet.

The Visor And Visibility

The viewing angle here is expansive, and the helmet dutifully stays out of your line of sight. But it doesn’t ignore the needs of the user. According to Bell, the visor is adjustable and fits in nicely with your eyewear. The company calls it Goggleguide Adjustable Visor, which is compatible with eyeglasses and goggles.

I’d like to say this appreciation is universal, but that isn’t exactly the case. There are a few reviews that say the visor didn’t quite play with their eyewear, but that’s a rare problem. Overall, yes, the adjustable visor is a pretty neat addition and is very likely to get along just fine with your requirements.

Bell Super 3R MIPS Mountain Bike Helmet

It can easily be adjusted into the up/down position and you could even stow the goggles under the visor. The large visor can be manipulated through tension screws on each side. You don’t need specific tools for this, and the change can be affected conveniently.

A seamless camera mount is available for your GoPro or similar gadgets. It is designed to break on impact, so there’s a lower risk of injury. The helmet holds the camera rather well, and since there is no need for a specific zip or tape, installation is convenient.

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Let’s Hear About The Safety Options

The outer layer of the Bell’s Fusion in-mold polycarbonate shell and the standard MIPS insert create a good combo for protection. It can move a bit, but the helmet should offer good protection against impacts.

The chin guard is similarly well-constructed and looks capable of handling an impact. The generous padding over here should pull its weight in absorbing the impact. 

Do remember, this one’s not DH safety compliant. But that’s the way it is with convertible full-face helmets. If you want full DH safety, a fixed helmet is where your options are. Overall, this helmet does what it’s expected to do, and does it well.

The Chin Bar – Attaching, Moving, And Carrying

So what would you do with the chin bar once you remove it? This isn’t a tiny piece you can thoughtlessly shove away into a backpack pocket. Long story short, always have some room in the backpack for the chin bar. 

The company says attaching and removing Bell Super 3R MIPS Bike Helmet chin bar is easy. It can be done without any extra tools, and once you’ve got the hang of it, you can be quick. Separating the helmet and chin bar is a simple, 3-step process.

  1. Pull the clip on each side of the chin bar
  2. Undo the clip/buckle at the rear of the helmet
  3. Pull apart the chin bar

The mechanism is simple and intuitive. When attaching the chin bar, start with aligning the helmet and chin bar in their position. Placement of the vents, clips, and design cues on the helmet make this step a breeze. Once you’re done, simply put the rear and side clips in position, and the full-face helmet is ready.

Is This The Helmet For You?

With the review, I’m satisfied that the Bell Super 3R MIPS Bike Helmet is a good pick. It has its flaws, but the pros outweigh the cons. The helmet delivers what it promises. There are customizations and convenient settings available to set this helmet to your preferred size and comfort. The same goes for the cheek pads as well, so there’s easy comfort available.

As a convertible helmet, it allows an easy way to add/remove the chin bar. The safety options are satisfactory, which is what we need the most from a helmet. Bell Super 3R MIPS Bike Helmet is priced on the premium side, but it does seem fit for that (expensive) price tag.

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