Most Comfortable Way To Sleep In A Tent

Most Comfortable Way To Sleep In A Tent

A good night’s sleep is rejuvenating. I don’t think the joys of camping would seem as alluring without the comfort of a good night’s sleep. Tents may lack the comfort of the bedroom, but they sure can be made cozy and comfortable. These ideas should lead to the most comfortable way to sleep in a tent

9 Tips For An Amazing Sleep While Camping

1. Placing The Tent At The Right Spot

When pitching a tent, find a level spot. Ideally, the ground should be free from rocks, pebbles, and twigs. A soft grassy turf is awesome. When on a camping site, I’ll usually try to look for a secluded spot, unlikely to be disturbed by neighbors.

2. Comfortable Tent Bedding

Comfortable bedding brings comfortable sleep. Even when out camping, I make it a point to have a reasonably comfortable tent bedding. The basics start with a sleeping bag. When car camping, there are fewer worries about weight and size of the sleeping bag. High-quality sleeping bags make a big difference.

Before buying a sleeping bag, make sure it is rated lower than the expected temperature. Staying warm is important. 

Next come your sleeping pad, mattress, and pillows. A sleeping pad can be air-filled or closed-foam. They’re both fairly light and easy, so pick one depending on your preferences. A self-inflating air pillow is a good choice as well.

If air mattresses don’t work for you, you could look for the best camping cot to deliver comfort for a good sleep.

3. Use An Eye Mask And Earplugs

Comfortable sleep in the outdoors requires a little more effort. If you are sleeping under the moonlight, or expect the sun to be up very early, an eye mask can save your sleep. Earplugs perform a similar function by drowning out outside noises. They can be a godsend if you’re on a campsite with noisy neighbors. Those who are camping alone on a hike should skip the earplugs. It is inconvenient, sure. But some situational awareness is necessary for the solo traveler.

4. Stay Calm And Repeat Familiar Routines Before Bed

Sleeping at a new, unknown place can be a bit rattling even for seasoned campers. The best way to deal with it is to not delve on the issue. Stay calm, perform some breathing exercises. Go about your familiar routines (as closely as possible), like you would while at home.

5. Take A Hot Water Bottle To Bed

Most Comfortable Way To Sleep In A Tent

If the weather is chilly, take a hot water bottle to bed with you. Fill up a heat-resistant bottle with hot water, and place it in the sleeping bag. It’s both comfortable, and warm. In my opinion, one of the best ways of staying warm in a tent.

6. Don’t Wear Moist Clothes To Bed

Change into dry clothes before you go to bed. The ones you are wearing may seem dry, but there’s a good chance they’re at least moist due to sweat from your regular activities during the day. Keep separate, dry clothes ready for your bedtime.

7. Sleep Clean And Store Food Away

There shouldn’t be any clutter or food bits on your tent floor. Organize your tent well, and keep items like food in clean, airtight containers. This ensures that insects and small animals don’t try to enter your tent in order to get to the food.

8. Avoid Heavy Meals And Caffeine Beyond The Afternoon

Heavy meals aren’t quite conducive to a good night’s sleep. Perhaps have one in the afternoon, followed by a light dinner in the evening. If you get hungry, keep something like snacks or fruits available to satiate you. Same goes for caffeine. Having coffee/caffeine in the afternoon or later, paints a similar story. The caffeine will disturb your sleep and cause problems.

9. Pee Before You Sleep, But Be Prepared Anyway

Take time to pee before you go to bed. You may not have to, but go anyway. The general idea here is to not have your sleep disturbed by having to get up in the night. Still, be prepared to being woken up with an urge to pee. Keep a flashlight close as you go to the facilities of the campsite.

Enjoying The Most Comfortable Way To Sleep In A Tent

Have high expectations from your camping trip, That, of course, means having the most comfortable way to sleep in a tent as well. Many people start with the preconception that camping cannot be sufficiently comfortable, like the bedroom. And these preconceptions are what stop them from enjoying a good night’s sleep. Put those ideas to rest, and employ the tips listed here for better sleep.