20 Person Tent — Massive Tents Suited For Your Big Group Or Party

Got a big group for the outdoors and you’d like for some common space? A sprawling 20 person tent is the way to go. A large tent is a great way for a group to stay together while camping. Many of these are ideal for hosting parties or similar activities.

When camping as a group, getting absolute privacy like a 20 room tent is impractical. However, many large tents do offer possibilities like separate rooms. Gigantic tents are not always possible or practical, but they’re pretty good for specific uses. 

There’s also the possibility of using large tents. They may not always fit 20 people, but are extremely useful for gatherings that include more than 10 people. Let’s see some of the coolest tents available.

Best 20 Person Tents And Large Tents For 2020

  1. Ozark Trail 20 Person Cabin Tent
  2. DELTA Canopies PVC Pole Tent

Our Choice: Ozark Trail 20 Person Cabin Tent

When you want a gigantic tent that sleeps 20, the best pick is Ozark Trail 20 Person Cabin Tent. This tent lays out in a somewhat triangular area and offers excellent use of space. It’s tall, spacious, and a pleasant housing for so many people.

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A Closer Looks At The Top Large Tents

1. Ozark Trail 20 Person Cabin Tent

Ozark Trail 20 Person Cabin Tent is our top choice for this category and it takes the spot quite convincingly. As a 20 person tent, this one is the real deal. This is a cabin-style large tent with several windows, doors, and plenty of floor area to make this a comfortable dwelling.

It takes some effort to set up – of course it does! A gigantic tent like this one won’t just work like a pop up tent! Even so, it won’t take forever. Two or three experienced people can get it all set up in about 15 minutes, maybe even 10 if you’re well-coordinated. That’s pretty neat timing for a tent this size.

Specifications And Other Features

The tent is laid somewhat like a triangle. There’s a big middle room that’s triangular in shape. Towards each corner of this large room are three other, smaller rooms. Each of these small rooms is big enough to accommodate three people or a mattress. Dividers separates the main room from the smaller rooms.

Each of these smaller rooms has a door to the outside, though the main room has no door to exit the tent. Each of the smaller rooms can hold three people, while the main room can hold 11 people. Of course, this measurement makes use of standard sleeping bags. Like most other tents, Ozark Trail 20 Person Cabin Tent is better suited for a smaller number of people.

If you want sleeping comfort, 10 people could sleep in this tent – each small room occupied by two people, and four in the main room. Or, just use the smaller rooms as bedrooms and the main room as a living room.

There are eight windows on this tent, all with double layers. All windows have mesh and panels for privacy and protection against rain. Speaking of rain, the tent is fairly waterproof. It can take on mild rain, but with heavy rain and a massive tent, there’s always some risk of failure. Taped seams provide additional protection against the rain.

As for dimensions, the large room has an area of 280 square feet. Each small room has dimensions of 80 x 67 inches. When packed, the tent packs down to just 28 x 14.25 x 14.25 inches.

Storage and other features include one media packet, two gear lofts, four mesh pockets for storage, and an e-port. The tent requires 20 poles, made from metal or fiberglass depending on their usage requirements.


  • Very spacious and well-constructed 20 people tent
  • A center height of 83 inches means everyone can walk around upright
  • Plenty of space
  • Excellent ventilation


  • Has a relatively smaller area for a full 20 person tent
  • The largest room has no door – only the small rooms have doors

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2. DELTA Canopies PVC Pole Tent

The Delta tent is a great choice for hosting several people. However, this is not your conventional camping tent. This tent is best used for business and recreation needs, rather than camping. The tent fabric is heavy-duty waterproof PVC, which allows it to last a long time and require less maintenance.

Specifications And Other Features

There are stylish arched windows all along the tent for excellent lighting and airflow. There is no floor, which is to be expected from a tent intended for recreational use. It takes time to set up and pack away this tent. 

That is why this is best suited for business use, where it is possible to set up the tent and leave it up. In case you need to pack away the tent, you can use the included three storage bags to store the tent. It weighs a whopping 300 pounds, so be prepared for some work!

Delta Canopies 20 person tent can also be used as a canopy. All four sidewalls are removable and can be taken out with relative ease. There are two zipper doors on this tent and can be easily maneuvered for when the tent is in use. Each door measures a comfortable  6.8’W x 5.9’H. 

The dimensions of this tent are 40×20 feet. At the sides, it has a height of 6 feet and 1 inch and at the center, the height is 12 feet and 8 inches. 


  • Spacious tent with plenty of headroom
  • Includes heavy duty stakes and poles
  • Excellent waterproofing


  • Heavy – weighs 300 pounds
  • Not suitable for for conventional camping

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Quick Guide To Choosing The Right 20 Person Tent

Know Your Campsite

Large tents need large campsites. Many of the conventional campgrounds simply don’t have campsites suitable for a 20 man tent. So the best use is when you’re sure that the campsite can accommodate your tent. If in doubt, call ahead and confirm with the campground. There’s no point in showing up at a campground with a tent you can’t use!

Is The Tent The Right Fit For Your Party?

You can’t carry a 20 person tent when you need to accommodate 20 people. The sizing convention used by companies just implies that the suggested number of sleeping bags can be placed side-by-side in the tent. In practical use, that’s likely to be very uncomfortable for people using the tent. 

The exact number can depend on your group and your preferences. However, most 20 person tents are comfortable for up to 12 people. Maybe fewer! This isn’t a phenomenon specific to these tents – it’s applicable to practically all tents.

Weatherproofing – Can Your Tent Withstand Rain?

Waterproofing of the tent is a very important metric to consider before you pick a tent. Large tents run a risk, simply because there are more points of failure. That said, any capable tent should be able to offer protection from mild rain. Look at features like waterproof coating, hydrostatic head, taped or sealed seams, etc. Better the material and construction of the tent, more likely is it to withstand rain. 

Also, consider windows and see if they have protection against the rain. Unprotected windows without proper sealing are bound to let water inside. The same applies to doors. Usually, tents get around this problem by forming awnings over the door and windows. If the tent of your choice doesn’t offer this, ensure they have some better protection against the rain.

Ventilation is another important factor. With several people sharing a tent, it will get stuffy really quickly if there isn’t proper ventilation. Good airflow keeps the tent air fresh and also plays a role in reducing condensation. 

Finally, don’t overlook the tent floor when you consider waterproofing. The floor has to be sturdy to take on the wear and tear of people walking, placing cots or mattresses, and other stresses. It should also be prepared to repel moisture from the ground and from water pooling up at the edges of the tent.

The Big Tent That Holds The Entire Group

The large 20 person tent is a great way for the entire group to spend time together in the outdoors. It can be more economical and comfortable than carrying several tents to house everyone. Before you pick a tent like this one, ensure that your campsite has room for these large tents. They’re also more suited for people with camping experience, rather than for novices.