Timber Ridge Cedar 2 Person Love Seat Folding Directors Chair

Double Camping Chairs For A Spacious And Intimate Setting

Double camping chairs are excellent companions for couples camping or even family camping. As the name implies, this involves a single piece designed to seat two people. It’s pretty much a loveseat-like arrangement, though with a camping twist. 

Comfort is high on the list of desired factors, as is stability, ruggedness, and low weight. A relaxing and convenient setting is what we want out of these chairs. Let’s consider the best available chairs that can live up to these expectations.

Editor’s Choice: OmniCore Designs MoonPhase Home-Away LoveSeat

This comfortable and cozy-looking double loveseat has everything we want. It offers a good balance, sturdy build, and is quite robust. MoonPhase Home-Away LoveSeat folds up into a nice package and can be moved with relative ease.

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Top Double Folding Camping Chairs For 2021

1. Trademark Innovations Loveseat Style Double Camp Chair

Trademark Innovations Loveseat Style Double Camp Chair

A steel frame and sturdy polyester fabric make the Trademark Innovations Loveseat Style Double Camp Chair a great pick for the outdoors. By virtue of using a dependable steel frame, the chair can carry a weight of up to 440 lbs. It isn’t very impressive, but it’s good enough to be useful in most cases.

There are some added touches of comfort here, like the armrest and mesh cup holders for each side of the chair. But of course, the key to comfort remains with the fabric. It certainly isn’t the comfy couch at home, but it can pass for luxury at a campsite. 

Overall dimensions of the frame are 40″L x 22″W x 31.5”H, which makes it large enough to seat two people. However, those with a larger build might find the chair too small for two people. It’s easy to fold, and while the folded dimensions aren’t tiny, they are good enough to remain portable. A carry bag is included with the chair.

Chair Highlights:

  • Attractive pricing
  • Sturdy steel frame and polyester fabric
  • Max weight limit 440 lbs

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2. OmniCore Designs MoonPhase Home-Away LoveSeat

OmniCore Designs MoonPhase Home-Away LoveSeat

If quality is on your mind, OmniCore Designs MoonPhase Home-Away LoveSeat is exactly what you need. This comfortable and large double folding camping chair can easily fit two people. 

And by that, I don’t just mean people with an average or small build, but even those with a large build will find this chair a good pick. That is somewhat of a rarity and one of the considerations in naming this our top choice for this category.

Each side of the chair is capable of handling a maximum weight of 300 lbs. This gives the chair a total capacity of 600 lbs. They aren’t just measuring weight, OmniCore Designs MoonPhase LoveSeat thought of comfort as well. Each seat is wide and deep enough to hold tall or heavier occupants.

You can arrange the seat in two formations. The first one is the regular, straight pattern with two seats in a row. In the second, the seating can be slightly curved – moon phase seating, as the company likes to call it. 

The seating area is made from 600 denier PVC polyester fabric. There’s also a bit of padding to go with that sturdy fabric for added comfort. Mesh on the sides makes sure there is some ventilation. Another touch of creature comforts is the presence of mesh pockets with armrests at one side of each chair. 

Chair Highlights:

  • Robust steel frame and 600D PVC Polyester fabric
  • Each chair can handle 300 lbs weight (600 lbs total)
  • Two seating arrangements
  • Includes padded carry bag 
  • Comfortable dimensions

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3. Timber Ridge Spruce Duo Loveseat

Timber Ridge Spruce Duo Loveseat

Here’s a loveseat folding chair that’s both elegant and convenient. Timber Ridge Spruce Duo Loveseat tries to bring the comfort of a double camping chair to the ease of managing a conventional camping chair. 

Sitting on an alloy steel frame, the chair has a padded polyester fabric for added comfort. The chair is, in fact, pretty well padded. There is no central bar running between the two chairs, so it won’t get uncomfortable if you snuggle on this love seat. 

Armrests on each side include a mesh cup holder. Timber Ridge says the frame is “over-sized”. I’d say it’s “average-sized”. It’s nothing more than what would be expected to seat two people. A carry bag with a strap is included with the chair.

Chair Highlights:

  • Powder-coated steel alloy frame
  • Good value for money
  • Well-padded 600D polyester fabric
  • Weight capacity per seat is 250 lbs (total 500 lbs)
  • Includes carry bag with strap

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4. Kelty Mesh Low-Loveseat

Kelty Mesh Low-Loveseat

Kelty Mesh Low-Loveseat is the comfortable snuggle-fest loveseat you never knew you wanted. The chair has a sturdy design and is remarkably comfortable. Each seat is capable of handling a maximum weight of 250 lbs, the total weight for the chair being 500 lbs. 

To keep its occupants comfortable and sweat-free, the lower half of the back and the backward’s half of the seating area are made of mesh. And it’s a very sturdy mesh, considering this is the area that’s going to handle most of the weight. The fabric areas are slightly padded. Kelty Mesh Low-Loveseat uses a reliable 600D PVC-free poly construction for the fabric. The frame is made of steel. The padding from the chair also shows up on the armrests, which I think gives the chair a touch of luxury.

Each armrest on the chair also includes an insulated cup holder. These cupholders aren’t going to compete with camping coolers. But they will keep your beverage at its temperature longer than mesh cup holders.

Kelty Mesh Low-Loveseat has a seat height of 31.5 inches. A padded roll-tote storage bag is included for easier portability.

Chair Highlights:

  • Sturdy steel frame
  • High-quality 600D PVC-free polyester fabric and mesh
  • Weight capacity per seat is 250 lbs (500 lbs for the chair)
  • Padded tote carry bag
  • Padded/insulated cup holders
  • Very comfortable

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5. Timber Ridge Cedar 2 Person Loveseat Folding Chair

Timber Ridge Cedar 2 Person Love Seat Folding Directors Chair

Timber Ridge Cedar 2 Person Loveseat Folding Director’s Chair focuses on quality and reliability. At first look, this almost looks like some rigid bench, but once you sit on it, the chair is surprisingly comfortable. 

It sits on a very robust alloy steel frame topped with 600D polyester and touches of 840D velocity dobby poly. The armrests here are more of a classic chair style, unlike the wider fabric armrests used by most of the competition. 

What really sets it apart is that each side is a camping chair with table. It’s a proper folding table, spacious enough to hold your gadgets or other accessories. A cup holder is included in each table for greater usability. 

When open, the chair is 38-inches wide, which is slightly smaller than its direct competition. Though to be fair, for the small to average build person, this won’t make much of a difference. Each seat has a 300 lb weight capacity, thanks to the high-quality materials used to build this chair.

Chair Highlights:

  • Well-built and robust steel frame
  • High-quality 600D polyester fabric with 840D velocity dobby poly
  • Each side rated for 300 lbs (max weight 600 lbs total)
  • Side table with cupholder on each side
  • Carry bag included

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6. EasyGo Product 2 Person Camping Chair

EasyGo Product Camping Chair

This chair is styled quite like the OmniCore Designs MoonPhase Home-Away LoveSeat that made our top choice for this category. That said, EasyGo Product 2 Person Camping Chair is a double camping chair in its own right.

It sits on a steel frame, topped by a 600D polyester fabric. Padding on the fabric keeps the chair more comfortable, while the mesh on the sides adds to ventilation. Each side also has a wide armrest with a built-in mesh cup holder.

Since the chairs are arranged in a curved style, space becomes available between the backs of both individual chairs. This space has been used for extra storage and mesh pouches are available to store sundry items here.

Overall seating dimensions of this double camping chair are pretty spacious and comfortable. It can handle users with a large build. To that end, each side is rated for a maximum weight of 300 lbs, or 600 lbs total for the chair. A carry bag is included for more convenient portability.

Chair Highlights:

  • Sturdy steel frame and fabric
  • Armrests with built-in cup holders
  • Mesh storage pouches available between the backs the chairs
  • Maximum rated capacity at 300 lbs for each side (600 lbs total)

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7. NiceC Double Camping Chair, Loveseat

NiceC Double Camping Chair, Loveseat

You could say the NiceC Double Camping Chair, Loveseat is a nice and well-designed folding loveseat. This one’s pretty much a straightforward and clean design with the 600D Oxford polyester fabric forming the seating area. The sides, back, and seating area are all practically covered in a single, plain fabric. 

Pockets on each side of the chair can be used for storage or even to place your water bottles; although they aren’t quite designed to function as cup holders. Its heavy-duty alloy steel frame keeps the chair sturdy. Each seat is capable of handling a max weight of 300 lbs (total 600 lbs for the chair). 

The chair sits about 17 inches off the ground and is 21 inches deep. Its seating area is 37 inches, which I’d say is somewhat small for two adults. Although people with a small build or those camping with their pet will find this double folding chair very comfortable.

Chair Highlights:

  • Reliable steel frame and 600D oxford polyester
  • Each chair rated for 300 lbs (total 600 lbs)
  • Storage pockets towards the side of each chair

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8. Best Choice Products Portable Folding Double-Chair w/Removable Umbrella

Best Choice Products Portable Folding Double-Chair Removable Umbrella

Camping on the beach or even a vacation in the summer could benefit from a canopy over the chair. The presence of a double umbrella on this two person camping chair is a useful feature. There’s also a design difference as compared to its competitors. This isn’t a loveseat-style setting, but more of two connected, individual camping chairs.

At the connection of the two chairs is a small cooler. It has some insulation and a reflective coating to protect its contents. Right ahead of the cooler is a fabric column with pouches for additional storage.

The cooler is a nice touch, but it isn’t exactly designed to keep its contents at the right temperature for several hours. Though I guess it’s better than having no cooler. In case you want a capable soft cooler, consider giving Yeti Hopper 20 a shot. 

The double chair sits on an alloy steel frame and each is rated for a max weight of 250 lbs. Keep in mind, the seating area is somewhat small. If you actually weigh anywhere near the weight limit, you’ll be uncomfortable on these chairs. In fact, even average-sized adults might find these chairs slightly uncomfortable.

Chair Highlights:

  • Steel frame and polyester fabric
  • Each chair rated for 250 lbs (500 lbs total)
  • Attractive pricing
  • Practically individual chairs – not a loveseat
  • Small soft cooler located between the chairs
  • A mesh cup holder and armrest available for each side

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9. Kamp-Rite Outdoor Camping Furniture 2 Person Double Folding Lawn Chair

Kamp-Rite Outdoor Camping Furniture Beach Patio Sports 2 Person Double Folding Lawn Chair

Kamp-Rite’s offering is a remarkable chair that’s both simple and comfortable. The chair is 42-inches wide, so there is actually enough space for two people to sit in relative comfort. Unsatisfactory small dimensions are one of the biggest problems with double camping chairs – and Kamp-Rite Outdoor Camping Furniture 2 Person Double Folding Lawn Chair deals with it nicely.

The powder-coated steel frame is topped by a polyester fabric. It’s a fairly sturdy construction and is rated for 250 lbs for each side, thus taking the max allowed weight for the chair to 500 lbs. Other notable features include armrest with mesh cup holder for each side and a convenient carry bag for the chair.

Chair Highlights:

  • Sturdy steel frame and polyester fabric
  • Comfortable seating space at 42-inches width
  • Well-priced
  • Includes armrest and cup holder on each side

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A Buying Guide To Two Person Camping Chairs

Weight And Portability Of The Chair

It is understood that a two person camping chair will be heavier and larger than a conventional camping chair. Since these chairs are generally meant for car camping, that isn’t much of a problem. Even so, you’ll have to carry the chair at least some distance and pack it into your car. So a convenient weight and good dimensions are important.

Most double camping chairs weigh around 20 lbs and include carry bags for easier transport. It should be noted that many two person chairs need two people to efficiently pack them away. This isn’t an absolute necessity, but the work required is better handled by two people.

Another related factor is stability and balance. We want the chair to remain stable even if just one side is occupied. Seems fairly intuitive, right? Unfortunately, this can be a problem with some chairs that feel unstable with only one seat occupied. 

All chairs listed here stay stable with their feet firmly on the ground, even if a single seat is occupied.

Comfort And Added Accessories

Goes without saying, but a double camping chair should be spacious enough to hold two people comfortably. This isn’t always the case, so check for the width of the individual chairs before you commit to a purchase. 

Similarly, remember that the middle of the chair with its joints may not be easily usable. While most chairs don’t have a central bar, they do have joints for the frame. 

Other features to consider for comfort are seat height, backrest height, ventilation, and fabric material.

Depending on your specific requirements, look for available features and accessories. These usually vary with each chair, but some features to look for include armrests, cup holders, side tables, umbrella/canopy, and even coolers.

Capacity And Weight Limit Of The Chair

As you notice, most chairs come with listed maximum weight limits. These are good indicators to choose the chair that’s right for you, depending on your (and your companion’s) weight. As a good practice, always remember to keep a healthy gap between the intended weight and the maximum listed weight.

That way, you’ll always be safe from the chair’s frame bending or struggling. Besides, the chair will face a (slightly) higher pressure and weight every time you sit down or get up. Keeping a healthy gap just makes better sense.

The Loveseat You Can Love

The loveseat has always been a hit as furniture. It only makes sense we look for a comfortable and intimate accessory like that for our camping trips as well. Sturdy double camping chairs fulfill that purpose and look pretty good doing it.

Our top choice for this category is the OmniCore Designs MoonPhase Home-Away LoveSeat. However, we hope that all the options listed here will offer more options and useful features for your wishlist.